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Virtual Jobs in Second Life - GENERAL

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1P-StoreS - Angel Club - Jalane Couture - French Maternity.-*- Host -*-pchitt ResidentWelcome the people who will be arriving on the ground. say hello, and possibly make conversation. AFK GO OUT3.00 L$Available
2eVe FarmFarmhand 2Breeanne CanettiDo chores for your money no afk checks on VJs due to afk checks in chores3.00 L$Available
3eVe FarmFarmhand 1Breeanne CanettiDo chores for the RBR sytem to make my small farm look more active due to the chores requireing you to be active there is no afk checks on the VJ system.3.00 L$Available
4The Greenhouse & Potions ( a land of worms)Poo ScooperAlaricEvo ResidentCollect mats while having fun-WARNING-failure to do job will result in you being BANNED, please work2.50 L$Available
5Magic UnlimitedDuck Hunter and shop browserPoetic EnchantmentBrowser shop and and play Duck Hunt computer game included in shop Youtube and podcast browsers this is a book shop.2.00 L$
6Fearless Fishers Landswinging for miss sunflowerRobotshaz Residentall you have to do is come sit on a swing and watch over the sunflowers. One of them will need to be watered every now and then. sit and wait. water the flower in the plot if it needs it :)2.00 L$Available
7Fearless Fishers Landfat fish hunterRobotshaz Residentfind me robotshaz a fat fish> :D. Tired of people taking them all and not letting me have any :(. can you fish and find some for me? thanks :)2.00 L$Available
8SpanX - Adult HangoutCHESS TeacherWili ClipTeach someone how to play chess. DO NOT START WORK UNLESS you are teaching actual person. You will get BANNED from SIM.2.00 L$Available
9Roadside stores in Business ParkSnuffles PromoterWili ClipPromote Snuffles in LGH group chat. WARNING: If you're caught not doing your job you will get banned from all the game systems. Take this job seriously.2.00 L$Available
10Earn FREE Linden Dollars - Fish & Gold Hunt HQ - AdvertisingGold Hunt GreeterWili ClipSomeone chatty with good social skills that will greet and help Gold Hunt players. To make the GH HQ a more social and nicer place to stay a while longer.1.00 L$Available
11Resolution CoveFishing campingPoetic Enchantmentfish and descale fish1.00 L$Available
12Resolution CoveFishing CampingPoetic EnchantmentFish and descale fish1.00 L$Available
13Magic UnlimitedBear hunterPoetic EnchantmentHunt bears with weapons suppled. Bears are Dynamic Archery huntable animals Panda and teddy bear they come back to life when defeated. have fun.1.00 L$Available
14JustN's Greenhouse & Deck PotionsBoujee GreeterJustNStore Resident1.00 L$Available
15SpanX - Adult HangoutCHESS StudentWili ClipLearn how to play CHESS. DO NOT START WORK UNLESS there is also a Chess Teacher present to teach you. YOU WILL GET BANNED FROM SIM not following this instruction.1.00 L$Available
16CENTRAL SHOP ME SKYSCRAPER IN BAY CITYrproxyneky50 Residentxd1.00 L$Available
17Sapphire ManorGroundskeeperRurr ResidentWater Biobags as required, and greet any fisher that shows up! Fishing is allowed, and mention once every 30 min session that funds are being raised for a 10% Blue Buoy1.00 L$Available
18Advertising Agency (grid wide ad network) - SecondAds.comSecond Ads Center GreeterWili ClipGreet the people who come into Second Ads Center1.00 L$Available
19Advertising Agency (grid wide ad network) - SecondAds.comSecond Ads Sales Team SupervisorWili ClipSupervise Second Ads Sales Person and make sure they are doing their job. (You can only use this unit when Sales Person is working).1.00 L$Available
20Botanical garden - Kasvitieteellinen puutarhaGardenerAlva SwansenWater sunflowers and composters. Water, treat and take care of Papillon breedables. You can collect Snuffles mats from outside too. Help clients to find what they are looking for.1.00 L$Available
21Suomi, FinlandGardenerAlva SwansenKeep PlantPets watered between 70-85%. Let owner know if there is ready seeds. Lead people to shop if they want to purchase own PlantPet. Tipjars work with land group.1.00 L$Available
22AVAin Garden shopShop AssistantAlva SwansenKeep PlantPets watered between 70-85%. Let owner know if there is ready seeds. Help clients to find what they are looking for. Decorate flower shop etc. Tipjars work with land group.1.00 L$Available
23JustN's Greenhouse & Deck PotionsPooper ScooperJustNStore ResidentCollect Snuffle Poo0.50 L$Available
24eVe FarmClothed Dancer GreeterBreeanne Canettigreet any who come by make sure to ALWAYS wear clothing as this is a M rated land not adult. feel free to use pole or walk around. no afk checks!0.50 L$Available
25Church of Ever Lasting Love of Stella PolarisParishionerAlva SwansenCome to pray and light a candle. Stay and enjoy calm athosphere. Please, dress up properly for church.0.50 L$Available
26Church of Ever Lasting Love of Stella PolarisParishionerAlva SwansenCome to pray and light a candle. Stay and enjoy calm athosphere. Please, dress up properly for church.0.50 L$Available
27JustN's Greenhouse & Deck PotionsPotion ADSJustNStore ResidentAdsvertise potions to increase sales0.25 L$Available
28House Boat Village & Uleria Caramel Artworks GalleryArt Gallery AssistantUleria CaramelGreet all visitors friendly. If a visitor wants to talk about art, answer him/her politely. Be nice and always positive. If someone has questions about the artworks, ask a person to contact Uleria Car0.20 L$Available
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